Friday, May 8, 2009

RV Fire

What a hectic 8 months we have been through. In August 2008, our 2004 American Tradition Motor Coach burned to the ground while in the shop for some repairs. Of course this happened just prior to us leaving for an extended trip. After working with many insurance companies and trying to categorize all our losses, we met up with our replacement Motor Coach in Mesa, Arizona on January 8, 2009. Luckily we had replacement insurance for the Motor Coach, so we did get a 2008, American Tradition. We did not get to choose the one we wanted as our insurance policy required that the insurance company pick out one that was comparable to the one we lost. Mike spent the winter fixing all the problems on the new coach. Now that we are home, the coach is in the shop getting the rest of the issues resolved. The joys of a new coach!

The one thing that we learned from this was how necessary it is to keep an inventory list of everything you have in your RV. Thanks to several friends who helped us compile our inventory. We are still remembering items we lost, several months after the list was turned in.