Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow, the holiday season just flew by. If it wasn't for the bone chilling weather we've had in Bountiful I don't know if I would even remember being there. We returned to Mesa on Monday night 1 -4-2010 after a 12 hour drive to get here. Mike was extremely busy while we were home, our renter bought a home and moved out on December 30th, so he had to arrange for new carpet, cleaners and put ads in the paper. We painted a bedroom and hung new blinds in two rooms. We left without it being rented so hopefully that will happen soon. Of course things could not go smoothly, he ordered and paid for on the new carpet and then a couple of days before it was going to be picked up, the Carpet Barn burned to the ground. After jumping through a few hoops the new carpet was being layed as we drove out of town. It is in the 70's in Mesa and we are once again in heaven.