Friday, September 25, 2009

We have been Florence, Oregon for almost a week. Florence is located on the coast of Oregon, it is beautiful here. The ocean is on one side and it is forest like on the other. We visited the Heceta Lighthouse, which began service in 1894. The 56 foot tall light lighthouse is rated as the brightest light of any of the lighthouses on the Oregon coast-its "first order" Fresnel lens is visible some 21 miles out to sea. The views from the lighthouse are amazing. Since it sits 205 feet above the sea on a jagged and rugged cliff line, its sightline is unobstructed. The guys spend a day fishing on Mercer lake, Mike caught 1 yellow perch, Jake caught a few and Bob enthusically hooked 21, which he made sure that Mike and Jake knew he was well ahead of them. We spent one day on the Ocean Dunes golf course, the golf course was built on sand dunes and yet there was forest all around us. We shopped and ate at great resturants. One not to miss if you are ever in Florence is the Waterfront Depot in Old Town. You need reservations so plan ahead. The Crab encrusted Halibut is fantastic and only $11.00.

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