Monday, November 2, 2009

After a couple of weeks at home, we are on the road again. It snowed the week we were planning to leave so we had to watch the advancing storms to pick our depart date. We wanted to be in Las Vegas on Halloween to see the kids and grandkids. When leaving Vegas we wanted to go over Boulder Dam to check the progress of the road and bridge construction. Since 9/11, they will only allow you over the dam after a thorough inspection to determine no one is carrying explosives or other destructive devices. At the check station it was determined that we had locked the truck keys in the truck, so they would not let us go over because we could not unlock the back of the truck for their exam. We turned around and went back to Boulder, called our emergency road service. Our rescuer opened the door and once again we were on our way over the dam. The construction is really progressing and something to see. We arrived at Towerpoint, in Mesa Arizona, our winter home last night, with a dead battery in the truck. Oh well we are here and ready for the next adventure. By the way, it was 86 degrees when we arrived, sure beats the snow and 30 degrees.

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