Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010, we are still waiting to determine the outcome of the grapes. The Foch will the first to pick, if it is picked at all. We have been having sunny days but near frosts at night and the cold nights is not helping the ripening process. You can see some of the frost damage on this picture of the grapes. Today Lynn and I are going to start tagging every row of grapes in the vineyard with a number and how many plants are in each row, along with any problems we see with vines dying out or any other irregularities we identify. This should keep us busy for days. At least we will get our walking in.

The men are working on Jake's Van today.
They are trying to repair the generator.

We just got back from counting the 12 rows of Muller Thurgau and 12 rows of Gewuztraminer, it took us 2 hours each to count 12 rows. Most rows have over 100 plants. I think I need to recalculate how long this count is going to take. It will be more like weeks.

The tasting room is open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It is a busy place. The weather is so nice during the day that most of the tasting is taking place outside. That is Mary in the pink, doing the pouring.

Tonight we are going out to The Bread Board for pizza. The story behind the Bread Board Bakery is; Keith and John came to Falls City (12 miles out of Monmouth) to start a little bread business a few years ago. They started baking bread and scones in their house and selling out of there also. It became so popular, so many people were coming from other towns to buy their bread that they have opened a separate business location and built a huge wood fired oven that can accommodate 100 loaves of bread at a time. They have just started having Pizza nights on Sunday and Monday evenings. They also serve salads and a decadent chocolate with cream drink that is served in demitasse cups. It is extremely rich. Truly a chocolate lovers dream.

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