Sunday, October 10, 2010

We left Bountiful on September 20, 2010 on our way to spend the winter in Mesa, Arizona, via Monmouth, Oregon where we do our "volunteer work" at Airlie Winery. En route we spent time in Pocatello, Idaho with Bob and Theresa Carter, golfing, playing cards and dining at their home. We then headed to West Linn, Oregon to visit with Darla and Linda. We had a wonderful dinner at their lovely home on September 23rd. Linda cooked Salmon on the grill and they taught us how to make Hobo Fruit and cake packets on the BBQ.

The next stop is in Lincoln City, on the Oregon Coast, where we met up with Lynn and Jake Whalen for a fishing trip. Due to the lack of fish at this time, we decided to cancel the fishing. We did tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory, had some amazing food and walked some amazing beaches. While in Lincoln City, Mary and Matt Lanning, and Mary Olson camped with us. We spent a day on the golf course and went to a great place for dinner called the Black Fish. This resturant comes highly recommended by Elizabeth Clark, winemaker at Airlie.

The kites that were on the beach were enormous.

You never know what you might find left behind on the beach, like this sand sculpture of a women laying on her stomach with a book and a bottle of wine.

Lynn's sister Mary Duringer met up with us for a day on her favorite beach in Yachats. (pronounced Ya Haats) She taught us a lot about the types of creatures in the water and the shoreline in this area. The first picture is Anemones, the second is Star Fish (they are orange and green) feeding on the Mussels and the third is thousands of Mussels clustered on the rocks.

We have been experiencing a few mechanical problems with the coach and the truck. Mike made an appointment with Cummins Diesel in Coburg, Oregon, near Eugene on Wednesday, October 6th due to a problem with the engine losing power. We also had an appointment with Kendall Ford Service on Friday, October 8th because the drivers side window was having problems going up and down. We spent 3 days in Cummins while everything was repaired. We have now moved on to Corvallis where we are awaiting Mary Olson's call to come and harvest the grapes.

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